Hi! I'm Devankshi, I design and develop to help people envision their dream



In my internship, I worked on this project called HappyPerformer where I had to develop features of a HR website. So I made customizable forms for the HR.

The HR can create various forms (simultaneously) to take review and feedback from the employees. The HR can also choose which employees to send the forms to and can view their responses.
Furthermore, The HR can make letters (offer letter, transcription letter, etc) and allocate them to employees similar to forms.

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Another project I worked on in my internship was ManageJob wherein I had to integrate my custom forms again. ManageJob lets a recruiter post jobs to find job-seekers. And job-seekers can find jobs here.

While posting a job, a recruiter must make a form to ask for details of the job-seeker. And the recruiter must later be able to view the responses if any.
Alongside, I also helped with multiple other tasks to complete the project!

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Along with my team I developed a full-stack blind dating website named Jodi as a third year project in college.

It matches a pair based on their location, hobbies and most importantly their sexual preference!


Amazekart is a full-stack e-commerce website that works like a clone of Amazon and FlipKart. Like "Jodi" this too was a third year project in college. Amazekart is built on PHP and MySQL.

It offers a variety of products ranging from stationery to kitchen appliances to clothing! Amazekart lets you search for products too! A product can be added to wishlist and to cart based on situation.


I developed Curry Ninja all alone! It is based on HTML and CSS only, since I built this back in my womb days.
It displays most of my drawings, which is my hobby!


My name is

Devankshi Deshmukh. I am a UI UX designer and full stack developer who passionately works to design the virtual world!

How the design life chose me

As a child I wanted to be a cartoonist when I grew up. Although later I decided drawing is better as a hobby for me. Nonetheless, throughout college I was unintentionally drawn towards design! I would magically be elected to work in design team of tech clubs. Every time I tried to do something in STEM, I'd end up in design. When I decided to start freelancing in web development, I unintentionally landed a freelancing job as a character designer for a kids' learning app in my second year of college. As a magnet of design opportunities I can say that I did not choose the design life, the design life chose me! XD

Things that make me happy

Programming, drawing, travelling, anime and chinese street food! :D


I designed and coded this website myself.
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